Deep insights towards PW experience

The Written Report 2010

Way back in my days as a uniformed student in Meridian JC, where all A Level’s candidates are put to the arduous task -Project Work.

The PW journey was tough and even during 2010, there is a disparity between technology then and 2015. (Fact: WhatsApp was not even popular then, snapchat was not even developed and smartphones were still quite new on the market and pricey). Our group mates were from different class and meeting up itself was already an obstacle due to the variation in class schedule (Science stream with extra laboratory work vs Arts stream)

The topic given was Amalgamation which is basically combining or merging two different subjects. We settled on the technology + travel. After a few rounds of tedious brainstorming and endless cups of coffee, we would model our end product based on the case study of Wii Sports who managed to successfully amalgamate sports with technology. Within  a short duration we had to come up with the first draft. Our proposal has to be unique, creative and something new yet it has to be realistic.

In the artefact given, it is the final written report produced. It was restricting as I was new to 3D imaging but I had the end in mind, to have a end product that would attract the attention of anyone and persevered in order to complete my task.  In retrospect, I felt a great sense of accomplishment when I managed to complete interactive iPhone app mockups and 3D illustrations of the technology exhibition which we proposed.  

“Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort”  Theodore Roosevelt  

The end product tasted extremely sweet as I managed to stray away from my comfort zone and instead took a risk and try something new. With the right positive attitude, open mind and persistence, I can learn new skills that would undoubtedly be of help for my other projects.

In conclusion, project work was a source of frustration amongst the junior college students. However, by facing it with the right attitude and a willingness to learn new skills, we can definitely benefit from it. The things we learn through the process are not theoretical and instead applicable to how we  treat our future projects.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” Nelson Mandela