End of Year 1 Term 1 Semester 1

28 August 2014 was officially the last day of Year 1 Semester 1 Term 1 in SIM University. It was definitely tough getting back into the studying mood especially after such a long holiday all the way since the end of my A levels and like all Singaporean Sons, serve our nation for the 1 Year 10 Months.

SIM University’s unique pedagogy ensures that students act as pro active, self-motivated learner and that one should take charge of his or her own education. To kickstart our journey, we were given books to read to prepare ourselves for what is in store for us. One of them ( a Singapore Literature Prize Winner in 2014) – The leader, The teacher & You by Lim Siong Guan with Joanne H.Lim has certainly opened many windows within my mind. I am deeply humbled by the author and his experiences and hope that my leadership capabilities can be modelled after what I have read.

As part of the school’s curriculum, all students have to undergo a 3D2N Outward Bound School Course at Pulau Ubin. Before the course, I had many doubts about the need for this OBS course. After all, Secondary School students are also able to complete the course and overcome the obstacles presented. And furthermore as guys, we had already undergone national service, how would this 3D2N even benefit us?  However, I approached OBS with an open mind and managed to learn many new things. As a former rock climber at Meridian Junior College, the high elements were easy to overcome. However, in a team sport, you are only as strong as the weakest member on your team. Everybody cheered and  encouraged one another. And, we exceeded  our own expectations for the money we could collect for our dinner. My main takeaway was that sometimes, we might belittle our own capabilities and settle for a place in our cosy comfort zone, when in reality, we can actually achieve much more.


The happy faces before a gruelling trek

“OBS nurtures our youths to be physically and mentally robust. They develop self-confidence, resilience, leadership and teamwork. They are instilled with the resolve to strive and succeed, and the sense of responsibility to give back to society.”

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
Chairman People’s Association

I have always been interested in service learning and OBS have reinforced my desire to   work with youths.

Awarding of Certificate

Awarding of Certificate

Have a good time, dear readers!

Looking ahead to term 2.

Looking ahead to term 2.


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