Study history? But I am a business student.

So we had to take history as part of our common core module. For what? We are business students- majoring in Accountancy, Finance, HRM, Marketing and not arts students.

However, to use a narrow minded approach to education, is similar to the blinders on a horse, restricting it to only a straight movement forward, neglecting the beautiful sights that are on its sides. The study of CCO107 World History attempts to create a holistic approach to a UNISIM student’s education.

Through the various history chapters, we have come to appreciate that we are living in an era where we do not have to be afraid that we might stumble across an opium den or be forced upon a ship across the Atlantic trade route to be sold. History engages us, and it is fascinating to learn about how the various countries of the world interact with one another. Historical events shape how countries interact with one another now. For example, the frosty relations between China and Japan, as well as Russia and USA.

For our individual assignment, we were asked to write up on modern slavery. Here would be my artefact. Tay Yu Siang_CCO107_TMA


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