Work Hard Play Harder.


During CCO101 Thinking and Reasoning ( I will prefer to label it as Philosophy since we are learning about the works of the great thinkers), we are asked to evaluate an article and we are to follow it up with our own opinions. Inside of me, I was thinking, will this be too much to ask of us to evaluate the opinions of these great philosophers? However, it has to be done, and with careful planning, and the careful scrutinising of the article, I was able to identify the main points of the article which I want to comment.

At the end of this course, I felt that I was able to think deeper and provide insights as to why a society might choose to allow themselves be dominated by another social class instead of fighting for their own rights  (probably due to the influence of the works of the great thinkers, and of course my lecturer, Adrian Kwek, a Harvard Alumni).



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