Motivating people to vote for Donald Trump?

Donald Trump winning the POTUS presidential election has affirmed my belief that motivation is the key to anything. Understanding what motivates people and saying things that pushes all their right buttons can actually cause the person to align themselves with you. As seen from the Donald Trump case study where he pushes all the buttons of discriminations to generate hate as well as saying what the industry workers want to hear.

So HRM313 is all about pushing all the right buttons of people, AT WORK.

The intrinsic motivation as well as the extrinsic motivation of people. This will be a module which I will be revisiting overtime even after I graduate because this is something I am interested in the long run. Not to run as a presidential candidate, but to start up a company that will motivate the future generation in education. I believe that time has changed, what has motivated the baby boomers has shifted (avoidance of punishments mostly) and the millennials do not get motivated by the same thing. Hence, I would like to conduct more research on this to find out what spur future generations to do even better.

The TMA for this module is unique. It is crafted in a way where it simulates a real working environment where the student has to generate a HR email as well as proposal which differs from the normal essay style of HRM modules.


The company I chose was actually 18 Chefs, one of the restaurant which I frequented during my Junior College days. The boss of the restaurant, Benny is an ex-convict turned successful millionaire now. The restaurant runs on a social enterprise structure, and I believe that the key to its huge success would be understanding what would motivate its staffs, some of whom are youth-at-risk or delinquents  and like Benny himself. The restaurant success is a motivation itself to everyone of us.




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