You want high pay or play?

HRM313 Total Reward Design And Management

So my sister was complaining to my mother about the benefits (or lack of) at her company and how the company has a high turnover rate. Immediately, I offered my somewhat unsolicited opinions about what the company should do better in its compensation package.

I was met with approval from both my mother and sister, as they were both nodding in unison about my suggestions in how to improve the compensation package.

This shows how useful this module is, it is very very very practical and useful. It will be essential in helping me negotiate a good compensation package for myself.

HRM313 tutor-marked assignment

Anyway, the topic which I chose for the TMA for this module is :

Culture: Should companies focus on compensation strategies or corporate culture to motivate employees?

Personally, I will regard corporate culture as an important element when I am searching for jobs next time. And am I glad to conduct so much research which further validates my choice. Corporate cultures are something that cannot be built overnight and it will be less of a chore to go to the workplace if we actually like the workplace. Even if the pay is high, will it be sufficient to convince one to drag yourself up at 5am facing the Monday blues to fight against the morning MRT traffic and reach the workplace not looking like a zombie?

My answer is no, which is why I advocate companies to have a strong corporate culture just like the one at Trivago. Speaking of which, maybe I should try to apply for a Trivago internship during my work attachment. Hmmmmmm.


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