Intro to Marketing in Korea University

As an HRM student, I feel that what I am studying tend to be too specialised, although the school has probably thought about this and introduced us to finance modules, economics modules and business modules. However, I feel that marketing is a very important skill which an individual needs to muster in order to strive in the working world. Even as a HR practitioner, you have to understand the business aspects of your company such as the marketing side in order to interact more and communicate better with your colleagues.

Hence, armed with zero marketing knowledge, I decided to take on the first marketing module in my life.

And the verdict was that I found it to be really interesting, and it gave me second thoughts such as maybe marketing is the right calling for me actually. HAHA. I’ll probably pursue marketing during my masters though.

Marketing Proposal

For the purpose of this assignment, my group decided to create a new product for Adidas and market it to active users. The assignment itself is fun,  and allows your creative juices to flow, granting you full autonomy of how you want to do the project and encourages innovation. However, the challenge of this project would be collaborating with the group members. This was my first time working with international group mates and the tensions were aplenty. There was not just cultural differences, but even language-wise, some were not on par with the other and a lack of ability was sometimes misunderstood for a lack of effort. On the contrary, a higher ability actually led to the disregard for the need of effort where the member actually just distanced herself from everybody. This emphasises the importance of what Professor Sherwin taught – Team Dynamics.

As the company we simulated working for was Adidas, one of my favourite company in the world, I took immense joy in researching about the company itself. And as for the make-up part, I would say I am able give my three-cents worth should a girl ask for my opinion while in Sephora 🙂


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