Why people even buy Yeezy boost?

So the other module I took in Korea was another marketing + psychological module called consumer behaviour. This is basically trying to understand the rationale behind the consumers’ mind when they are trying to purchase a product. It is kind of similar to work motivation but instead, motivation to spend money.

The professor is a Korean based in Florida, USA and he will go back during the summer to spend time with his extended family in Busan (popularised by Train to Busan the movie and Busan Film Festival, and must I add, a beautiful place with a slower pace of life). He indirectly provided the intrinsic motivation when he gave me perfect score for all my assignments, and there will be this inner urge for me to try to keep up and maintain having the 100% for all the assignments. (Detractors please note that there were plenty of students who did not get full marks, I think he was particular about language.)

Anyway, this module allows students to understand why people even buy items which they do not really need.

An item which costs $1000, goes on sale for $750, you did not save $250. Instead, you have just spent $750.

I find consumer behaviour to be very applicable in the world. Yeezy boost by Kanye West, especially the one with the words on the side, if it was some no-brand production line cast-offs, nobody would even give them a second glance. However, because of all the hype and marketing promotions that went into this yeezy boost, sales went up the roof. And in order to even get the opportunity to pay money and buy the shoe, the interested consumer has to participate in a raffle. Imagine this scenario, trying to win a raffle so that you can pay money (not a small sum by the way) to buy a shoe. Wow, much wow.

All the motivation to be seen as the hippiest, the most trendy and fashionable.

Consumer behaviour in KU had a lot of assignments compared to the other modules. There were 3 case studies which we had to do, 3 major assignments (artefacts listed below), 1 main case study + presentation, 3 MCQ questionaires and class participation.

Compared to Intro to Marketing which only had two exams and one Big project, Consumer Behaviour felt very tedious as there seems to be a new assignment every 2/3 days.

Here are some of my artefacts:

  1. I reviewed an article on Amazon

Consumer Behaviour 1

2. Finding out about the rationale behind my own purchases

Consumer Behaviour 2

3. Tracking my own purchases

Consumer Behaviour 3

In summary, despite the tediousness of the module, I have enjoyed this class and would actually recommend it to people who are intending to go KU! And i believe it will always be the same Professor Woody Kim who will be teaching.



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